Booking and Prepping for Entertainment

Booking and Prepping for Entertainment

Any Irish pub is going to need entertainment at some point. Whether it’s weekly events or seasonal, you will need to be able to book Irish entertainers and get people to your pub! St. Patrick’s Day will be your biggest day of the year and you will need to plan on having entertainers the entire day and into the night. I just have a few tips to help you with that process.


Irish entertainment in a pub can vary quite a bit; it is not limited to actual Irish singers. While groups that know the traditional songs are sure to be a hit, they are not the only entertainment you need. You can also book quieter music, like harpists with softer singers, louder rock music, and even dancers.

Check with Local Event Planners

Wedding planners and event planners will have the insider information on which groups are booking in the area and may have leads on where you will find appropriate performers. There are also online booking agents that may be able to find entertainers from other areas who would be willing to come to your pub.

Word of Mouth

Call around to other bars in the area or event locations to see who has performed. This can give you a list also of trustworthy performers you will know will perform well.

Ask anyone in the service industry you may have contact with to see if they have had any Irish or Celtic-style (folk as well) performers come through that seemed to do well.


Give Newbies a Shot

Having a new pub will also give a nice platform for new performers. Everyone will need a start somewhere. Newer performers will also be less costly as they are also trying to get their name out there. While this may be a risk in that they have not been audience tested, with an audition you should be able to get a feel for how they perform and whether you feel like it’s the right fit.

Post an Ad

Put up ads in social media, newspapers, and post flyers. Get the word out that you are auditioning entertainers for your pub.

Once your entertainers are booked you will need to get the word out that they are there! No sense in having amazing music if no one is there to listen.


Blast it On Social Media

Get people to like your pub’s Facebook page and follow your Twitter feeds. Share it will all your friends and encourage them to share it with theirs. Talk endlessly to strangers about your new and amazing Irish pub. Once you have a social media presence, you will have people online to share your pub events with and get them coming! People will naturally come to an Irish pub on St. Patrick’s Day, but if you have Irish music every Saturday, let the internet know!


If you have any Irish or Celtic stores in your area, or really any that would sell more folk-like things, ask them to hang up fliers about your pub. Usually the type of people who frequent those kinds of shops will be the same people who enjoy and Irish pub and entertainment. Bookstores and coffee shops may also be other good sources to display information on your pub’s events.

Talk about it

Shamelessly promote your pub and restaurant to anyone who will listen. While it may be out of personality for you, when it comes to the success of your business, you need to be able to move outside of your comfort zone and talk. Let them know the history of your pub and how passionate you are about the upcoming events.


Like millions of Americans, I am from a proud Irish heritage. My family came over to the United States in the nineteenth century. After a couple of generations of struggle, my great-grandparents were able to pull themselves up and become successful entrepreneurs

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